School Pictures--updated schedule

The fabulous Pressly Hall will be doing school photos (schedule below). Sibling portraits are private sessions conducted after school. Can be any group of children you like, not just siblings. Call Pressly to make an appointment 843-540-3943

MONDAY 10/24

  • Cottage Toddlers (M/Tu)
  • Jasmine Room
  • Sunflower Room
  • *Sibling Portraits- (3:40 pm- last appt.)


Tuesday 10/25

  • Magnolia Room
  • Azalea Room
  • Palmetto Room
  • *Sibling Portraits (3:40 pm- last apt.)


Wednesday 10/26

  • Cottage Toddlers (W/Th/F)
  • Willow Room
  • Oak Room
  • *Sibling Portraits- (3:40 pm- last appt.)