Spending quality time in a garden with children cultivates a lifetime of respect towards the Earth, each other, all creatures and our natural resources. We are creating a space where wonder, exploration, creation, observation, and responsibility are encouraged and where the senses can be developed through a hands on approach by being intimately connected to nature.  The sense of touch is enhanced by feeling the soil, planting seeds, and the different plant textures. The sense of smell will be stimulated by the Herb garden and their distinct oils.  Listening for the bees to buzz to our flowers and the birds to fly to the baths and feeders we will provide for them develop our sense of hearing.  Watching the seeds emerge from below and grow into nourishing food to harvest and feast with our friends and family enhance sight and taste.  We believe this holistic approach of teaching through the garden creates responsible, caring humans that will be passed on to future generations and instill values of peace and sustainability throughout our community both locally and globally.

ELEMENTARY – After completing our fall planting in the 8 existing beds along the side of the Elementary building, we had torrential rain and flooding which destroyed everything, but in turn, created a blank canvas full of potential. We plan to build 3 raised beds 6’x8’x8” and a new composting area with 3 separate bins. We will need lumber, screws, soil/compost, seeds and starter plants, hose bib, irrigation tubing and clock (both of which will be of great value especially during the summer months).

We are looking for donations of used stepping stones and decorative stones

PRIMARY – In the playground area we plan to improve the existing beds by raising them 8 inches (to prevent unintentional stomping), adding walking space in between the fence and the bed with fresh soil/compost blend.  These improvements will enhance the back of the school and playground where the children will be able to visit their gardens every day, sometimes twice a day to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

CERTIFIED SCHOOLYARD WILDLIFE HABITAT – There is a wonderful existing bed in the front yard with Crepes and Azaleas calling out to be beautified. With the continuation of last year’s desire to plant a Carolina fence we would like to take it another level and become certified through South Carolina and World Wildlife Fund as a Certified Schoolyard Wildlife Habitat.  This area will provide a space for so many symbiotic relationships that are necessary within nature and our children will be a part of building and maintaining.

MEDICINE WHEEL GARDEN aka THE GIVEAWAY GARDEN - In the front yard there is a beautiful open space with plenty of sun.  The intention behind this garden space is for giving back to the community through providing nourishing food for those who need it.  It is a round garden divided into sections like spokes in a wheel, with each section representing each named classroom. Soil, compost, mulch, plants, birdbath, fertilizer, stones for outlining beds.

We submitted an application to the Whole Kids Foundation School Garden Grant program in hopes of receiving $2000 and to Annie’s Homegrown Garden Grant for $2500 for making our garden dreams a reality. We will be notified in February with the results. More garden grants are in process. If you are interested in donating to this cause, please let Miss Amy know!

I believe it is important to start a garden committee.  Please let me know if you are interested. It takes a village and our village is so beautiful.  Wow, are we blessed!

Each year when the students return they will be able to see the success they are growing together. WE ARE SOWING SEEDS OF LOVE!