Art Camp

We are pleased to offer an Art camp for primary age students.  The week will be packed with activities!

July 18-22     “SmartArt
This will be an interactive Art camp. Your children will have a great time and learn about the Master artists. Lots of art activities, indoor and out. Each child will make a portfolio to bring home at the end of the week! Examples of activities: Art scavenger hunt, splatter painting outside, color mixing, bubble wrap stamp, sun catchers and lots more. Each day will have an Artist and a theme, “Masterpiece Monday” etc.

 Times:   9 a.m. -2 p.m.
Cost: $160.00 for the week
Age: 4 to 7 (or turning 4 if they have already been in our Primary 3-6 programs)

Just a few notes to ensure our camp runs smoothly, and your child has the best experience possible.

Please send a healthy lunch--we would love to have you send food in recyclable containers that the children can take home and re-use each day.  Also, a cloth napkin; we have done this all year, and it has cut our garbage by more than half!  The children enjoy learning about recycling and what they can do to save our planet!! Please bring one gallon of water for each child coming, camp is a thirsty time.

Carpool will be from 8:45 to 9:00 in the morning, teachers will be out front to greet and take your children out of your cars.  Pickup will be at 2:00pm, again, the children will be outside on benches, and the teachers will put them in your cars as you pull up.

Same carpool plan as during school year.  Because we are good neighbors on Calhoun Street, the carpool route is as follows: take Boundary Street to Green Street and Green Street to the Calhoun stop sign.  Please wait until the Montessori driveway is clear, come across the road and into the semi-circle to drop your child off.  Please do not pass.  We want carpool to be safe for our children.  If someone other than a parent is picking up, please send a note.

Camp will be a lot of fun!  Thanks for your help!!  If you have any questions, please call us at 757-2312.